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What's New

Christian Institute, Baltimore, Maryland Campus

We at Christian Institute are happy to announce that our Baltimore Campus now has its own facility.   The administrator, and one of the instructors is, none other than, Dr. Winston Monk. The address is: Christian Institute, 6510 Old Harford R., Batimore, Maryland 21214. Lists of classes offered in September will be forthcoming. Our next semester begins in September 2015.   For information on the Baltimore Campus please contact: Dr. Winston Monk at (410)963-3024.       Again we praise God for what He is doing for Christian Institute, Baltimore Campus!!!                                                      

Board of Directors update

We at C. I. are happy to receive Bishop Dr. Winston Monk, Dr. Sandra Robinson, and Rev. Gladys Webb-Searcy as the newest members of Christian Institute Board of Directors.  Our Board Directors now include: Dr. Larry T. Brooks,  Rev. Dr. Cedric Ivery, Missionary Sandra Brooks, Rev. Dr. Walter Lovett, Dr. Berthony Emile, Rev. Henry Porter, Rev. Dr. Gladys Webb-Searcy, Dr. Winston Monk,   And Dr. Sandra Robinson.   For further information please contact:  Dr. Larry T. Brooks by phone or text (561)398-9242, or by email:  Web-site:

Message from the President and Chancellor

"I believe Christian Institute's way of teaching and learning is different from other Christian colleges.  Whereas those good places integrate faith and reason, Christian Institute integrates faith and reason and justice.  It is not a small difference."



Fall Semester 2015

Registration and classes:

Registration is Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 6:00.  Classes begin September 7, 5:00 p.m.

Our new format includes students who do not have High School Diploma or G.E.D.   These students will be permitted to enroll in classes, but will receive a "certificate of completion" at the end of semester.  Upon successfully completing their G.E.D., their classes will be credited toward their degrees.

We are also assisting potential students with the G.E.D. process.  We have entered into partnership with Inlet Grove High School's G.E.D. program